Special Gigs and Newspapers!

Stuff is going well! After I came back from my holiday in Denmark I could jump straight back into the music with the release of In The Vast Library and preparing for the gigs in the church and the Theekoepel!

In the picture below you can see a bit of the setting inside the church in Wageningen. I was the first to perform and was very nervous because this kind of chance I won’t soon get again. I wanted to get the most from it. And I think I did. Because of all the positive feedback and the way it sounded in the church, I’m slowly starting to become more confident in my live performance abilities.

After the church gig, I had a few days off before it was right back into an entire afternoon of sharing medieval fantasy stories with my audience. I performed 3 sets, each with 1,5 hours in between, for Gluren bij de Buren. The second group of people sang along with the entire Wild Mountain Thyme song, which was an incredibly magical moment. Everyone felt safe and happy, and I saw how peaceful they looked as they sang along. It was incredibly humbling to experience and I’ll never forget it!

Then, after the show, I got surprised by the local newspaper. They came up to me with some questions and did a small photoshoot. It’s a proud piece of newspaper from De Gelderlander to hang on my wall. The header said: “Bart Zeal sings like a Tomte (Leprechaun)” and that made me laugh a lot. It’s a good way to grab the attention and I mean… The journalist wasn’t wrong! In Tomte’s Riddle there is a small part where the Tomte sings a bit too and it always makes people smile.

To finish off, I want to thank all my fans, friends, and family who came to visit these gigs. I love sharing my passion with you and I’m always happy to recognize some folks in the crowd 🙂