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About this bard…

My name is Bart, but don’t let that ‘T’ fool you, for I’m a bard;
a musical storyteller who delights in bringing tales to life.
Sailing on the Northern Viking seas, or strolling through the magical castle of Hogwarts.
Walking through the forests of Fangorn, or even traveling with Space Pirates.
Once every month, I record a new song about their follies and victories!

This website is my virtual kingdom. You can find everything you need to know right here.
The best thing about singing songs is finding enthusiastic listeners, so this is for you!

Latest ReleaseAs The World Falls Down

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  • [Release] “Northgard’s Shores” – Featuring Max Faust Composer
    An original song about one of my favorite games: Northgard. It’s going to be quite an epic, so the production side is going to have to take a bit longer.
    Release date – probably sometime in 2023

  • [Release] “Phantom of the Opera” – With Reyjuliand and Amy Wallace
    A cover of an opera song? Oh boy! We’re still recording and finetuning, so I’ve no idea when this will be released.
    Release date – probably sometime in 2023

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Special Gigs and Newspapers!

Stuff is going well! After I came back from my holiday in Denmark I could jump straight back into the music with the release of In The Vast Library and preparing for the gigs in the church and the Theekoepel! In the picture below you can see a bit of the setting inside the church…

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Gigs of May

It’s been a wonderful month thus far for my music. Not only did I release The Parting Glass with Isembard’s Wheel (<– click the links!), but I also got the pleasure of playing at a couple of gigs! The picture below is from my performance at Quiet Is The New Loud on the 11th of…

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Busking in Wageningen

On the 7th of May, I got the pleasure to go busking in Wageningen from the Market all the way to the far end of the shopping street and beyond! Luckily I had just received the CDs of Volume One and was able to sell a couple and earn a few extra coins. These CDs…

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The Realmsguard

The song of April is an original marching song about good knights who aim to protect their kingdom from sinister forces. We recorded this with Ruben Isarin, who does the instrumental part. This song is available in the shop, as well as for easy streaming on Spotify, with a video on YouTube! The knights that…

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The Dawn Will Come

The song of March is one of hope, recorded together with Amy Wallace. It’s already on Bandcamp and YouTube and will release on all streaming platforms on the 9th of April! Amy Wallace approached me for a collaboration and we settled pretty quickly on The Dawn Will Come. She is an incredibly positive person, her…

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The Man Who Can’t Forget

I am very excited to bring The Man Who Can’t Forget to you on Spotify, however, the process of getting it into the stores is being particularly difficult with this one! The Man Who Can’t Forget (sometimes known as Thom’s Song) is a song from the tv-series The Wheel Of Time. I’ve had the immense…

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Interview RTV Rijnstreek (Dutch)

I’m happy to announce that RTV Rijnstreek, a local radio station in Wageningen – The Netherlands, has invited me to come and say a few words about my music and play some of my songs! The show is called ‘Dance Experience’ so I’m not sure which songs of mine quite fit that name, but perhaps…

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