Your adventure has brought you here!

You found my music! The way people find new music is always different, but this bottom line remains; I enjoy singing for all of you! Those who stick around and support me enable me to keep performing and continue creating new songs.

Below, you can find three different ways to support me and my music.

If I Had A Heart (Instrumental)

Buy Music – Bandcamp

The traditional way of supporting your favorite artists is by buying their music. When you buy my music, you get yourself legitimate copies of your favorite tunes. Plus, you show your appreciation of my music to me firsthand! Check out the discount codes on the music page of this website 😉

Support Monthly – Patreon

Patreon is a really personal thing. My patrons form a small community of my biggest fans, directly supporting my creative process and ambitions. I post things there that only my patrons have access to, strengthening that bond.

Tip in the Jar – Donate

Donating is like throwing a tip in my jar when you’d see me perform live. It’s a one-off sign of gratitude from you to me, that enables me to keep making music. Whichever amount you may choose, I deeply appreciate the gesture!

In the end, these options all depend on your ability to spare a tip. Please don’t worry if you’re not in a position to pledge. You can also support me by following me on Spotify, commenting on YouTube, and sharing the songs you enjoy the most. I always read comments and I love to chat!