Bart Zeal is a professional songwriter and performer of folky fantasy-themed songs, born in The Netherlands in the spring of 1993. He is inspired by stories of people and places in both real-life and fantasy settings.

Ever since the start of his career in 2020, he’s had the privilege to work with Karliene, Rachel Hardy, Freya Catherine, Ellyn Storm, Alex Isembard, Amy Wallace, and many more talented musicians. At this point in time, he has released 10 albums, of which 7 can be listened to on Spotify under the name of Bart Zeal or the various bands he’s enjoyed making music with.

Bart is a geek. Or in other words: A big fan of everything medieval, fantasy, and sci-fi-related. He believes music makes life magical and magical musical moments are exactly what Bart hopes to create.

Bart creates one song a month, both covers and originals. He hopes his music will create lasting connections with fans and friends, for the best thing about singing songs is finding enthusiastic listeners!

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2023-Mar-03 | Loburg – Wageningen | support-act Maggie’s Flock
2023-Feb-18 | Astrant – Ede | Folk Night | €12,50 Entry
2023-Feb-05 | Lucca – Ede | Gluren bij de Buren
2022-Dec-23 | 30ML – Ede | December Celebrations
2022-Dec-17 | MovieW – Wageningen | December Celebrations + Movie | €8,50 Entry
2022-Dec-07 | Onder de Linden – Wageningen | Goed Gesprek December Celebrations
2022-Oct-25 | Van Slootenplein – Bennekom | Woest en Bijster
2022-Oct-01 | Loburg – Wageningen | Loburg Live
2022-Sep-03 | Openlucht Theater – Ede | Uitmarkt
2022-July-03 | Theekoepel – Wageningen | Gluren bij de Buren
2022-July-02 | Paviljoen – Ede | Living Statues
2022-June-24 | Grote Kerk – Wageningen | Folk uit Wageningen
2022-May-28 | Torckpark – Wageningen | KSV Festival
2022-May-21 | Astrant – Ede | Ede-Wageningen Onstpoort!
2022-May-11 | LBRY – Wageningen | Quiet is the New Loud


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