Discography – The Library of My Music

Welcome to this magical library, adventurer! In this mysterious archive, you can find all the music I’ve ever made. The most recent works are at the top. The further you scroll down, the further into history you dive! Useful links are provided to guide you so that you can listen and buy the copies you like. Thank you for enabling me to keep making music!

The following takes priority: A list of all the wonderful souls I’ve had the pleasure to collaborate with over the years. In chronological order and based on their first appearance.

[2022] Karliene, Amy Wallace, Christopher James Wallace, Isembard’s Wheel, Jack Victor, Ellyn Storm, Chase Noseworthy. [2021] Rikke Linssen, Heleen de Jonge, Hollis, Jordan Wrigley, The Hebbe Sisters, Myrthe van Wijk, Freya Catherine, Eef, Rachel Hardy. [2020] Sanne Carolyn. [2018] Gialam Nguyen, Maria Christoforidou. [2017] Andreas Kyrou, Svenja Montana, Marleen Kuypers. [2016] Fleur Lugten, Tom de Munck, Ruben Isarin, Bastiaan Vergouw. [2014] Erik-Jan van Oosten. [2013] Myrthe de Beukelaar, Yannick Mijnheer.

2022 – December Celebrations

Io Saturnalia
King of Saturnalia
Light the Yule Log
Tomte’s Riddle
Winter Solstice
The Festival of Light
December Celebrations
Saint Lucia Bright

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December Celebrations by Bart Zeal

2022 – Book of Zeal, Vol. 2

If I Had A Heart (cover)
Bridge Over Troubled Water (cover)
Each Must Die Someday
Wild Mountain Thyme (trad)
Storm’s Landing’s Tavern
The Man Who Can’t Forget (cover)
The Dawn Will Come (cover)
The Realmsguard
The Parting Glass (trad)
In The Vast Library
Good Riddance (cover)

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Book of Zeal, Volume Two. by Bart Zeal

2021 – Book of Zeal, Vol. 1

In The Dark
My Mother Told Me
The Rains Of Castamere (cover)
Everlasting She
The Ent & The Entwife
The Last Goodbye (cover)
Space Engineers: Space Pirates
The Wellerman’s Tale (cover)
The Valheim Journey
Space Engineers: Space Guardians
Lura’s Magic
Lament For Severus

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Bart Zeal, Vol. One by Bart Zeal

2020 – Tavern Songs From Altera

We Will Not Run
Love Has Never Been Kind
The Tale Of Scourge
The Mountain And I
God Of Luck
Alta Eta Ghul

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Tavern Songs From Altera by Bart Zeal