Gigs of May

It’s been a wonderful month thus far for my music. Not only did I release The Parting Glass with Isembard’s Wheel (<– click the links!), but I also got the pleasure of playing at a couple of gigs!

The picture below is from my performance at Quiet Is The New Loud on the 11th of May. It was a very quiet and attentive audience, so it was really special to see how my songs would do in a live setting. It was also my first time performing live since I made my switch to Medieval Fantasy music. I haven’t felt so alive in years!

After that gig, time sped up a lot and I barely had time to practice for my next gig at “Ede-Wageningen Ontspoort!” in Astrant, Ede. The picture below is from that performance and I really had a blast. Not only because I got to play and tell my stories, but also because of the wide variety of other bands that were present.

This picture was made by Studio Savan!

If you want to see me perform live, then come visit the Torckpark in Wageningen around 13.00h on the 27th of May, or buy tickets for the EPIC event in the Church of Wageningen on the 24th of June HERE! <— click it!