The Realmsguard

The song of April is an original marching song about good knights who aim to protect their kingdom from sinister forces. We recorded this with Ruben Isarin, who does the instrumental part. This song is available in the shop, as well as for easy streaming on Spotify, with a video on YouTube!

The knights that this song is about are real people playing characters on, a medieval fantasy roleplay minecraft server. I had been guiding them as Dungeon Master for several weeks, through which they inspired me to write a song about their faction.

It’s a collaboration with Ruben Isarin, with who I also made both the Space Engineers songs and The Ent & The Entwife. He’s also working on his own music at the same time; critical leftist songs about the way we treat the earth and each other. Worth checking out!

The Realmsguard art was made by Elz, a member of the HollowWorld community, who has her own DeviantArt page with her own art. 

If you’re curious about the video I made for this song, then have a look on YouTube, because it’s already been released on my channel at:

We hope you will enjoy this song!