The Dawn Will Come

The song of March is one of hope, recorded together with Amy Wallace. It’s already on Bandcamp and YouTube and will release on all streaming platforms on the 9th of April!

Amy Wallace approached me for a collaboration and we settled pretty quickly on The Dawn Will Come. She is an incredibly positive person, her energies radiate across continents all the way to a little town in The Netherlands where I’m sat reading her invitation to do a collaboration.

This collaboration has been one of the most enjoyable to create, the process was not only smooth but also filled with positive vibes and back and forth respectable feedback. Everyone involved wanted to get the most out of themselves and each other. 

The backing track was made by her brother; Christopher. Tom and I were super happy to work with them, because if you think about it; this is our very first ‘epic orchestral’ song we ever released. 

If you’re curious about the song and can’t wait to listen to it, give it a listen on YouTube, because it’s already been released on my channel at:

We hope you will enjoy this song!