The Man Who Can’t Forget

I am very excited to bring The Man Who Can’t Forget to you on Spotify, however, the process of getting it into the stores is being particularly difficult with this one!

The Man Who Can’t Forget (sometimes known as Thom’s Song) is a song from the tv-series The Wheel Of Time. I’ve had the immense pleasure of singing this song with Karliene, with whom I’ve been talking on and off since November 2021. We finally settled on this song and I’m really happy how it turned out.

That’s why it’s all the more difficult for me to accept that it’s still not available in the music stores! The music distributor I used to be with was being a terrible pain with the licensing of the song. I’ve since switched to a new distributor. I hope they’re able to help me out and make sure the song drops halfway through March finally!

If you’re curious about the song and can’t wait to listen to it, give it a listen on YouTube, because it’s already released on my channel at: