My Favorite Videos

This is a small selection of my personal favorite music videos. If you would like to watch and listen to my entire collection, travel to YouTube and Spotify by clicking the icons right below, adventurer!

Chase Noseworthy is one awesome dude and I can’t thank him enough for working on Denna with me, a song I wrote in honor of the book The Name of The Wind.

It was an absolute pleasure and honor to work with Ellyn Storm on this cover. I’m so proud I got to sing with her and who knows? Perhaps one day, in the future, we’ll sing again!

What can I say? It was incredible to sing with Rachel Hardy. I’m still baffled to hear my own voice next to hers. We did this song because we both had been wanting to do this song for a while and I’m so glad we did!

The Epic of The Ent & The Entwife was a labor of love for Tolkien’s Middle-Earth universe. We analyzed the poem and then created an over 10 minutes lasting song about the seasons and the struggles of the Ents. It’s a favorite because it’s long and slow, like the Ents!

Space Pirates is a favorite of mine because I did exactly what I wanted to do, without keeping note of whether it’d perform well. I went crazy with the pirate accent (obviously) and ultimately won the Sounds of Space Engineers competition with it. Who would’ve thunk it haha!